About Our Berries

Harvesting, Sorting and Processing

Our cranberries and blueberries are harvested at their peak during a four-month period beginning in late October. Once harvested, our berries are sorted in our 6,000 square foot facility using a vision-based sorting machine, the Optyx Sorter with Raptor Laser Technology. In seconds, the Optyx sorter analyzes the berries, then pinpoints and removes any damaged berries or foreign material.

After cleaning and sorting, our berries are immediately packaged and frozen in our 25,000 square foot cold storage facility to maintain freshness, to prevent loss of nutrients and to await overseas shipping.

Quality Control

By keeping up to date on agricultural best practices, Coast Cranberries ensures that our berries, whether in frozen or in juice form, meet the high quality our international customers demand.

Our CanadaGAP Program (Good Agricultural Practices) certification is further proof. It shows we comply with the CanadaGAP food safety program for growing, packing and storing fresh fruits, including:

  • following good agricultural practices
  • ensuring employees follow growing, storing and packaging best practices at all times
  • submitting to independent third-party audits
  • establishing a trace-back and recall program


Our wholesale cranberries and blueberries are available year round for shipping to any locale around the world.

We have arranged shipment of our cranberry and blueberry products to Russia, China, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Israel, Lithuania and the United States.

Place an order and see why our cranberries and blueberries are in demand worldwide.